“Public” (8-6/11-4)

— Collaboration


Almost Paper, 
Special edition for “Public” (8-6/11-4) by Rukpong Raimaturapong at The comtempoparists show, Vogue fashion night out Bangkok. Available in Black & White, size 37-46.


“Public” (8-6/11-4)
by Rukpong Raimaturapong

Rukpong’s previous collection was about concealment of imperfections. His current collection uses the individuals expression on the street as core concepts. Self revelation can be expressed through observation on passersby on the street during day and night, is it seen that everyone was donning what they think is suitable for them, from school uniforms to outfits of the homeless. This collection experimented on exaggerated forms and texture, using materials ranging from synthetic fiber to traditional silk.